Our Lovely Story

“I was broke and Costco saved me!”

Who doesn't like that $1.50 hot dog combo or USD$4.99 giant rotisserie chicken? My name is Chen, and I love Costco. I was a pretty broke college student, and Costco became my top life source with its high quality products and affordable prices. Begging friends for rides and membership turned into my part-time job. One day I asked myself why not just build a Costco delivery site for students like me? Soon after, Mokey was born on a thundering night. ⚡

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Students love Mokey!

Mokey was officially launched at UCLA in the fall of 2018 and had delivered thousands of orders during its existence. A ton of students appreciated our service and said Mokey has changed their life by bringing them amazing groceries at decent prices and saving them a lot of time and energy.  We have grown more than 300%+ in the first 4 months. Unfortunately, I was kicked out of the US by Trump. Jk! My visa expired, so I've decided to continue my venture in Canada where healthcare is free! Right now, We are working hard at Velocity of UWaterloo and serving the people in the Waterloo area.😂


Make delicious, high-quality and cost-effective groceries accessible, to everyone.



  • How exactly does Mokey work?

    All our products are from Costco. Select the goodies on Mokey, schedule your delivery hour, and get free delivery when you order more than $25. Orders must be placed before 5pm(weekday)/ 4pm(weekend) for the same-day delivery, and we shop at Costco in the afternoon and deliver to you the same day between 8 pm -11 pm. 🚚

  • Mokey sounds amazing, and what is the catch?

    Sorry, no catch! We believe the power of being transparent with cusomters could create long-lasting trust. At Mokey, what you see is exactly what you will pay (before tax), and everything is priced in. All prices are higher than regular Costco prices, but for most the items, you will still find them cheaper compared to other retailers/e-commence, plus you get free delivery. We only make money from the price difference (none of those B.S. hidden fees), and that is how we make money and feed our kids.😊

  • If I buy meat/frozen stuff, and how would you keep them fresh/frozen?

    Excellent question! We take the fresh(froze)ness of your order very seriously. We have some special bags/coolers to keep the food cold/frozen for a while. We have delivered several thousand packs of meat/frozen food so far, and had 0 return on this matter. We are proud and trying our best to keep this number the same.👍

  • After I place an order, how do I know what time it will be coming?

    Shortly after placing your order (typically 1-2 hours), we will text you a 20-min delivery window within your preferred delivery hour. We will send you a message when we are a few minutes away from your place. Sometimes, we might need you to open the building door for us if there is no access code to enter the building. Also, you will be expected to receive a text from us if we are running late for more than 10 minutes (but it rarely happens).🎈

  • I live in an apartment, and if I buy a lot a lot, could you deliver to my door?

    For sure, my friend!😉 Typically, if the stuff you buy takes more than one person to bring up, we will generously use our cart and bring it to your door. If there is no access code, we might need you to open the building door for us. Thank you 🙌 

  • What about the return/exchange policy?

    We have a flexible and easy return policy within 15 days for any quality reasons. Just call/text us, and we will come to pick it up and refund you or exchange for you. We are not one of those tech giants, and please do not abuse the policy. Thank you. 😋

  • Cannot find any information about Mokey on the Internet. Are you legit?

    You are right, and I cannot find it either!😂 But We are legit. We are so small and not backed by any funds YET, so there is no news about Mokey. Also, we have not done much online marketing on Google and FB, but we do have a fb page and have some legit testimonies and likes from students at UCLA. One more thing, you could choose e-Transfer/Cash on Delivery on the payment page, and just pay us when we deliver your order.😉

  • What about I have questions that are not here?

    You have many questions then. JK!!! Just drop us an email/a text or stop by our office at Velocity!👐 See all contact information at the bottom of page.

  • I totally believe in the idea! How could I be part of it?

    The moment you hovered over this question, we can tell you are someone who is intelligent and ambitious. Please place an order and share your first-hand experience with us, and we can start the conversation from there. 😉